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Power Options
= Battery (Standard)
power options
= Hydro-Generator (Optional)
= AC Adapter (Optional)
Water Mixing and Cover Plate Options
= Mechanical Mixing Valve (Optional)
Mixing Valve
= Thermostatic Mixing Valve (Optional)
Thermostaic Mixing Valve Axio Touchfree Technology No Solenoid BRV Mechanism ADA Compliant Low Lead Compliant cUPC Listed
Cover Plates
= Cover Plates CP4, CP8, CP8-1 (Optional)
LINKS Specifications AEF-302 (PDF 791 KB) Manuals Installation & Operation (PDF 10,992 KB) Sensor Range Adjustment (PDF 31 KB) Troubleshooting Guide (PDF 230 KB) Parts List (PDF 576 KB) Specifications for Accessories AD01 (AC Adapter) (PDF 319 KB) HG01 (Hydro-Generator) (PDF 706 KB) MV (Mechanical Mixing Valve) (PDF 358 KB) TMV (Thermostatic Mixing Valve) (PDF 368 KB) CP4 (4” Cover Plate) (PDF 243 KB) CP8 (8” Cover Plate) (PDF 243 KB) Additional Links Warranty Information (PDF 27 KB) IAPMO Low Lead Listing (PDF 3,069 KB) IAPMO cUPC Listing (PDF 2,007 KB)
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AMTC AEF-302 Electronic  Gooseneck Sensor Faucet
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