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Smart Innovative Technology for Longer Product Life AXIO ® Touch-Free Technology
AXIO ® Touch-Free Technology is Dependable!
AXIO ® Touch-Free Technology is Reliable!
AXIO ® Touch-Free Technology is Accurate!
It incorporates unique fully programmable water and humidity proof circuitry that allows for extended battery life and precise control of all sensor and electrical parts. AXIO ® Touch-Free systems are designed to provide long term performance with corrosion free and vandal resistant components that are built to last.
It incorporates high quality brass cam gear technology with a patented BRV ® mechanism versus trouble-some solenoid mechanisms found in most competitive touch-free systems. By eliminating the solenoid mechanism AXIO ® Touch-Free systems deliver unmatched reliability and cost effective maintenance free performance.
It incorporates innovative digital infrared sensors that ensure precise activation and consistent performance. The unique sensor technology also allows for programming distance settings without the use of special dials or other delicate components easily damaged.
AXIO ® is Accurate • Dependable • Reliable
AMTC created AXIO ® Touch-Free technology to bring you sensor faucets and sensor flush valves with unmatched reliability and performance. AXIO ® includes accurate digital infrared sensor, dependable water and humidity proof circuitry, and reliable brass cam gears.
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