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Flush Cycles
1.28 gpf/4.8 Lpm
1.6 gpf/6.0 Lpm
3.5 gpf/13.2 Lpm
Power Options
= Battery (Standard)
= AC Adapter (Optional)
Axio Touchfree Technology No Solenoid BRV Mechanism ADA Compliant
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HSM-801 HYBRIDFLUSH Sidemount Flushometer For Water Closets (Toilets)
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LINKS Specifications HSM-801-CT (PDF 303 KB) Manuals Installation & Operation (PDF 273 KB) Installation Video Troubleshooting Guide (PDF 250 KB) Parts List Accessories AD801 (AC Adapter) (PDF 184 KB) PBCK (Push Button Conversion Kit) (PDF 328 KB) PB-C (Push Button Complete) (PDF 138 KB) Additional Links Warranty Information (PDF 27 KB)
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